About Beatus Spa

Although SPA massages are pretty involved in our daily lives as a popular trend for the last years, many people use the word “SPA” without knowing it’s real meaning. The word SPA is actually an abbreviation which stands for the initials of “Selus Per Aqua” in Latin.

This expression can be translated as “Health by water” into English. As Beatus SPA, our story began when we had the desire of sharing what we knew about being healthier, more energetic and more active with other people. Following our first location at List İstinye Suits in 2011, we continued our journey by taking part in the most respected hotel chains. To meet the expectations of our guests and ensure their comfort, we have paid attention to be careful and elaborate on every step. We have been extra sensitive especially on the hygienic conditions. Our masseurs and masseuses are picked among Thai and Balinese experts. For the best massage treatment experiences, we created detailed and impressive atmospheres. We continue to provide service in the same manner, motivated by the satisfaction of our guests.