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Your face is your everyday garment. There are many different ways of protecting it from aging and external factors.
We as Beatus SPA, apply the best peeling and masks for your face and help your skin regenerate.

Choose among the variety of facial treatments to give your skin what it needs. Minimize the effects of aging and enjoy the glow in your face.

Following skin analysis and purification with steam, this treatment includes practices such as deep cleansing and peeling applications. Your skin is cleansed from toxins with the appropriate care routine; and it gets a hydrated, soft and silky appearance. Different treatments for your needs lighten the wrinkles, reduce puffiness and invigorates your skin.

Duration: 60 min.

Following skin analysis and purification with steam, this treatment includes care routines specialized for the needs of your skin. It begins with practices such as deep cleansing and peeling applications.
You will immediately start feeling the effects of this treatment such as intensive moisturizing, sub-skin tissue strengthening, firming and tackling with wrinkles. It is also an application with long-term effects.

  • Selvert Aqua 21
  • Optimale DNA Vital
  • Vitasphares C Treatment

Duration: 60 min.

Anti-aging treatments are personalized treatments used to eliminate the negative impacts of time on your skin. It includes supportive substances such as collagen and other extracts helping to increase anti-aging hormones for skin wellness. Your skin is deeply moisturized and tightened with pure collagen. Wrinkles are refined, while features are clarified. When applied in Anti-Aging treatment, herbal hormones from seaweed give a youthful appearance to the skin.
The natural aging process of the skin slows down; new wrinkle formation is delayed while existing wrinkles are reduced.

  • Cell Vitale Anti-Age
  • Cell Vitale Hydratante
  • Cell Vitale Purfiant
  • Hyaluronique Ligne
  • Peptide Ultra Lifting

Duration: 60 min.

Pure gold has always been the key of privileged people for a young and beautiful skin. Recent technological and chemical developments allow us to benefit this ancient secret at its best. Besides, you do not have to be a queen to achieve that! Gold slows down collagen decrease and deformations on the skin, while improving elasticity. It triggers cell reproduction in the basal layer of the skin and allows the forming of healthy, strong skin cells. This way, your skin get firmer. Gamma PGA with extraordinary moisturizing effect is carried to your skin with Special Gold Treatment. This formula keeps the moisture within the skin and prepares it for a smooth, elastic appearance. It eliminates free radicals. Fighting with free radicals harming the skin, it also helps to slow down the aging process. It illuminates the skin.

Duration: 60 min.

Feel the power of nature on your skin.
You will feel the energy flowing into your body through your kitchen.
Benefit the pampering intensive moisture and minerals all over your body with fantastic smelling products of delicatessen series.

Duration: 40 min.

With its various ingredients, Selvert peelable mask is used for a gentle cleansing experience. It increases cell renovation and blood circulation, while supporting the body to fulfill its natural functions. It ensures softened and regenerated skin.

Duration: 25 min.