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Choosing one of the SPA classics among Anti-cellulite massage, aromatherapy, manual lymphatic drainage or reflexology; enjoy relaxation with professional treatment. Shake off the stress from your body with various aromatic oils and get refreshed.

BEATUS Signature Massage

Applied with aromatic oils and the combination of both hard and soft techniques, this massage will relax your muscles and ease your stress.

Duration: 55 min. / 90 min.


Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet with a special technique to alleviate stress.

Duration: 40 min.

Relax Massage

This massage is applied to remove the negative effects of daily life, as well as to eliminate the stress-driven soreness and pain in the musculoskeletal system.
As the main purpose is to provide relaxation, it’s applied with a slow rhythm and no pressure.
Combined with essential oils, it relieves tension and calms the entire body.

Duration: 40 min.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

Helps to remove the orange peel appearance and body deformation with firm and intensive movements on the abdomen, buttocks and legs. It stimulates blood circulation.

Duration: 40 min.

Manual Drainage Massage

Lymph drainage stimulates the lymphatic system of the body.
Lymphs not only eliminates excess water and toxins from the body but also supports the defense system.

Duration: 30 min.

Deep Tissue Massage

Physical fatigue and stress concentrating on your musculoskeletal system can cause chronic pain from time to time.
In such circumstances, deep tissue massage is applied to the problematic area with firm pressure and helps your body to find balance.

Duration: 55 min.

Local Massage

Local massage is a special technique applied to certain areas in the body. Usually helps to ease the pain located in the waist, neck, arms, legs and feet. Additionally can be applied to face, breasts and buttocks.

Duration: 30 min.


This massage is performed with heated Ayurvedic oils diffused slowly on the body, clearing the blockage on energy channels, stimulating circulation and energy flow.

It also strengthens your immune system and removes toxins.
It calms your mind, soul and body.

Duration: 55 min.

Synchronized Abhayanga (Four Hands Massage)

Applied with two pairs of hands in a synchronized manner, this massage balances the energy flow, soothes and energizes your body deeply, calms the soul and supports inner balance.

Duration: 55 min.


Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic massage which has its roots in Ancient India and has spread around the world. Thanks to its magical effect; it’s one of the most popular massage techniques today.

It’s applied to the head and forehead.

It soothes the neural system and relaxes the whole body.

It’s helpful for problems such as headaches and lack of sleep.

Duration: 40 min.


Applied with heated spicy oils, this massage is the combination of Abhyanga and Shirodhara massages. It calms a busy mind, soothes your body and soul.

Duration: 80 min.

Asian Spell

Do you know your body has energy channels?
Any blockage in these channels effects the quality of your daily life, sleep, attentiveness, and even emotional reactions.
Asian Spell massage technique is applied to awaken these energy channels and practiced by focusing on pressure points of the body. Use of aromatic oils helps you to find balance, become more energetic and regenerate.

Duration: 55 min.

Thai Massage

Practiced by applying pressure to certain areas in the body, this massage accelerates energy flow, eliminates stressed muscles and ends with stretching session on a mattress.

Duration: 55 min. / 80 min.

Thai Foot Massage

This massage helps to stimulate energy flow and ease stressed muscles by applying pressure to the feet.
Duration: 55 min. / 80 min.


Meaning of this traditional Japanese foot massage is “finger pressure”.
When our guest lies on the floor wearing comfortable clothes, the massage therapist uses his/her hands, feet or knees to relax stressed areas in the body.

Duration: 55 min.

Caprice Golden Massage

Duration: 55 min.

Mandara Massage (Four Hands Massage)

Two therapists perform this massage with rhythmic and synchronized moves. It is applied as a combination of five different styles: Shiatsu, Thai, Lomi Lomi, Swedish and Bali. Any other technique can be used if desired.

Duration: 55 min.

Lomi Lomi Nui

This technique is the best temple massage, constituting an important part of the Hawaiian culture. It’s practiced by the synchronized moves of lower arms and elbows, and it helps to comfort the body.

Duration: 80 min.

Brown Sugar Peeling

Your skin is affected by the seasonal changes and differences in temperature.
With the effects of time; aging and wrinkles are inevitable.
Brown sugar peeling helps to neutralize these negative impacts.
This natural and effective method exfoliates your skin without damaging it.

Duration: 25 min.

Coffee Peeling

Coffee is a morning essential for many people thanks to its awakening and energizing effects.
This miraculous beans not only show their power when consumed but also have great influence on the skin.
Coffee stimulates blood circulation, nourishes the skin, removes dark circles under eyes and provides refreshment.

Duration: 25 min.

BEATUS Couples Massage

Enjoy the romantic atmosphere of our exclusive massage room prepared for couples.
Your spa experience starts with foot massage affecting your entire body and ends with head and face massage.

Duration: 55 min.

BEATUS Romantic Couples Massage

Similar to BEATUS Couples Massage, you’ll enjoy the romantic atmosphere in a room designed for couples.
Your massage begins with body peeling, continues with body relaxing foot massage and ends with head and face massage.
After the session, you are hosted in the relaxation area, with fresh fruit treats.

Duration: 90 min.

BEATUS Eternity Duet (For Celebrations)

Your treatment begins either in the sauna or steam room of your choice and continues with scrubbing and foam massage.
After you get foot, head and face treatments in the romantic atmosphere of couples room, you can enjoy fresh fruits in the relaxation area.

Duration: 120 min.

Jet-Lag Package

It’s a difficult process for your body to get used to a new time zone.
During this change, it’s very common to experience fatigue, stress, dehydration and cramps.
But now, you can easily remove the negative effects of jet-lag. Our package made of 40-minute sessions of hammam and classic massage treatments will help you to relax and get refreshed.

Duration: 120 min.