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Turkish Bath

Let the positive effect of warm water and steam conquer your body.
Peaceful environment of Turkish Bath will clear the toxins out of your body, help to ease sore muscles, and eliminate the negative effects of stress.
To experience a tradition of hundreds of years, you should give a try to our Turkish Bath treatment.

Pasha Hammam

You can either have a full body scrub or an aromatic foam bath for cleansing and soothing your body.

Duration: 40 min.

Şehrazat Hammam

Additional to Pasha Hammam offerings, you’ll have essential oil massage applied with circular movements in this treatment. This treatment regenerates your body by focusing head scalp, hands and feet.

Duration: 55 min.

Sultan Hammam

Sultan Hammam is created for special occasions and begins with body peeling applied with coffee beans, grape seeds, brown sugar, coffee or honey crystals.
While you rest, being covered with aromatic foam, our therapist massages your head, hands and feet using special oils and circular movements.
In the end, traditional sherbet (sweetened fruit juice) is served.

Duration: 80 min.